Harnessing the power of nature and credibility of science, Bodyhero products are a carefully designed range of 100% natural, clean label, plant based high fibre, low sugar, high protein products. What separates Bodyhero from other plant based protein products is not only its attention to taste, but also the carefully curated blend of Bodyhero ingredients that make it so pure.

Bodyhero was founded in 2020 by a trio of entrepreneurs including Coldplay’s bass player Guy Berryman and is led by former Product & Fitness Director of Virgin Active Health clubs Andy Birch.

Developed in conjunction with leading Nutritionists and Food Technologists, and born out of the realisation that there was an opportunity to challenge the conventional poor tasting and overly complicated plant based protein products on the market, Bodyhero delivers a range of convenient formats that gives your body everything it needs to navigate a busy life and nothing it doesn’t.


Our Vision is to “BELIEVE IN YOU”

Doing things right by yourself means taking a holistic approach to your physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual wellbeing.

Here at Bodyhero we subscribe to the power of self belief. Our dedication to creating products that are sustainable, ethical, convenient and that taste so good is all part of our respect agenda. We believe anything is possible when you believe in yourself.


Our Mission is simple: “Create the best plant protein products that tastes so good.”

We created Bodyhero to be all natural, High in Fibre, Low in Sugar, High in Protein, and crucially, to taste amazing.

The Bodyhero range uses only a handful of the highest quality, non-GMO, allergen free, and responsibly sourced ingredients from around the world.

Our products deliver everything you need, include nothing you don’t, and with zero compromise on taste.


Hi there, I’m Andy, Managing Director and the brains behind Bodyhero.

For most of my working life I've been in the health and fitness industry and have tried most of the protein supplements on the market.

When I decided to move to a plant-based diet I was shocked to find that the plant-based protein products I was buying all tasted like dirt - and that this appeared to be the accepted taste experience for people not prepared to eat meat or dairy.

What's more, I couldn’t find high quality plant-based protein products that delivered what I wanted nutritionally. They were mostly low in protein and fibre, high in sugar, and artificial. That didn't sit well with the decisions I'd made to change my diet to one with health and environmental benefits.

So, I spent 2 years working with a team of nutritionists and food technologists to create a range of plant based products that delivered a more natural, yet delicious flavour that’s packed with protein and gut healthy fibre, without the guilt of high amounts of sugar - and is planet friendly.

We call it Bodyhero because we want everyone to perform at their best and with minimal impact on the planet.

Guilt free, great tasting plant based nutrition that you can eat at any time.





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